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Sustainable Materials,
Inspired by Nature.

Neuwood Materials© has pioneered the development of “Neuwood®” – a synthetic wood product, after a decade of meticulous research employing the principles of Biomimicry. Drawing inspiration from nature, the engineers aspired to create a material that could emulate the beauty and innate qualities of natural wood, whilst being engineered to endure diverse weather


Water / Moisture Proof


Bug Resistant

Easy to Clean

Surface Heat Dissipation

Extreme Climate Durability

Recyclable / Regenerable

Last a Lifetime


Neuwood Material not only boasts exceptional durability and versatility but also features the stunning look and feel of natural wood. With grains and colors that are virtually identical to those of wood, this material provides a perfect solution for those who desire the aesthetic of wood without the maintenance. Whether you’re building an outdoor deck, upgrading your siding, or working on any other outdoor project, our innovative building material with a wood-like appearance is sure to impress.


Cladding / Siding





Dining Furniture


Recyclable, Regenerable, Sustainable.

  • Neuwood© is made from sustainable and renewable resources, it helps preserve valuable forest ecosystems, protects biodiversity, and safeguards the delicate balance of our natural resources.
  • Neuwood©’s manufacturing process is designed to minimize its carbon footprint and environmental impact. 
  • Neuwood© aligns seamlessly with green building practices, providing architects, builders, and homeowners with a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.
  • Neuwood© components can be salvaged and reused during structure dismantling or renovation, minimizing waste generation.
  • Resistance to decay, pests, and weathering ensures a longer usable life for building materials.
  • By extending the lifespan of building materials, Neuwood© helps conserve natural resources such as timber.
  • Neuwood© is made from sustainable and renewable sources, reducing dependence on non-renewable resources and contributing to a more sustainable future.
  • Neuwood©’s production process typically requires less water compared to the processing of traditional wood, contributing to water conservation efforts.
  • Neuwood© does not require chemical treatments or preservatives, reducing the use of harmful substances and promoting healthier environments.

Neuwood Materials© beauty and innate qualities of natural wood, whilst being engineered to endure diverse weather.

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